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Issue 54 (1) 2017


An algorithm for a new method of change-point analysis in the independent Poisson sequence
Chihiro Hirotsu , Harukazu Tsuruta
Biometrical Letters 2017; 54(1); 1-24
abstract nr 1 abstract pdf 2017_1_1 full text
A conditional linear Gaussian network to assess the impact of several agronomic settings on the quality of Tuscan Sangiovese grapes
Stefano Di Blasi , Federico Mattia Stefanini
Biometrical Letters 2017; 54(1); 25-42
abstract nr 25 abstract pdf 2017_1_25 full text
Application of multivariate statistical methods in the assessment of mountain organic soil transformation in the central Sudetes
Bogna Zawieja , Bartłomiej Glina
Biometrical Letters 2017; 54(1); 43-59
abstract nr 43 abstract pdf 2017_1_43 full text
Evaluation of the impact of fertilizers and seed quality on winter wheat yield
Marzena Iwańska , Zbigniew Laudański , Tadeusz Oleksiak
Biometrical Letters 2017; 54(1); 61-76
abstract nr 61 abstract pdf 2017_1_61 full text
Impact of cereal diseases on the qualitative traits of spring barley breeding lines
Bogna Zawieja , Ewa Bakinowska , Andrzej Bichoński , Wiesław Pilarczyk
Biometrical Letters 2017; 54(1); 77-90
abstract nr 77 abstract pdf 2017_1_77 full text

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