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Issue 53 (1) 2016


On prefermentative maceration techniques: statistical analysis of sensory descriptors in Sangiovese wine
Ottorino L. Pantani , Federico M. Stefanini
Biometrical Letters 2016; 53(1); 1-20
abstract nr 1 abstract pdf 2016_1_1 full text
Copper and manganese acquisition in maize (Zea mays L) under different P and K fertilization
Renata Gaj , Krzysztof Bąk , Anna Budka
Biometrical Letters 2016; 53(1); 21-36
abstract nr 21 abstract pdf 2016_1_21 full text
Allocation of oaks to Kraft classes based on linear and nonlinear kernel discriminant variables
Bogna Zawieja , Katarzyna Kaźmierczak
Biometrical Letters 2016; 53(1); 37-46
abstract nr 37 abstract pdf 2016_1_37 full text
The comparison of three models applied to the analysis of a three-factor trial on hybrid maize (Zea mays L.) cultivars
Piotr Szulc , Iwona Mejza , Katarzyna Ambroży-Deręgowska , Kamila Nowosad , Jan Bocianowski
Biometrical Letters 2016; 53(1); 47-57
abstract nr 47 abstract pdf 2016_1_47 full text
The dependence of DUS (distinctness, uniformity and stability) decisions concerning white mustard and oilseed rape varieties on the number of measurements
Wiesław Pilarczyk , Bogna Kowalczyk , Bogna Zawieja
Biometrical Letters 2016; 53(1); 59-67
abstract nr 59 abstract pdf 2016_1_59 full text

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